The Vain Maiden
Once in a small hut near the sea lived a maiden fair.
But she was vain, all day dreaming and combing her hair.
She didn't help her mother, cared only for her hair and beauty.

Having no mirror she loved her picture on the surface of a spring.
Her mother warned her that under the water lived a mighty thing:
"Beware of losing a hair that will cause just one tiny wave!"

But the maid did not believed her - not a word at all...
Until few days later onto the surface a hair of her did fall.
The water began to boil and formed a beautiful nymphe.

"Did not tell your mother not to drop a hair!" she angrily said.
"A hair as beautiful as mine doesn't disturb!" answered the maid.
"I will punish you for your vanity! I will turn you into a dragon!"

The nymphe told her: "But if you find a knight who will not fear you
and whose heart is so pure that he sees the beauty within you,
you will turn human again. If not you will be doomed forever!"

When the nymphe ends with these words the transformation began.
Screaming the dragon ran away and was never seen again.

Sirah, Copyright by Katja Guth
© Katja Guth

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